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Having The Kidneys Involved In Scleroderma


Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that mainly deals with connective tissues which are found at all parts of our body. Being an autoimmune disease, it is a disorder with the immune system that makes the antibodies attack the tissues instead of having them protect it. While most cases of scleroderma would show Raynaudís phenomenon which are visible through the skin, a severe form of it would involve some limitations in organ functions.

One of the most affected areas when a patient is affected by scleroderma is the kidneys. In fact, it used to be the leading cause of death among scleroderma patients until a new class of drugs were made available by angiotensin converting enzyme or ACE inhibitors, which has changed the whole picture of cases of which the kidney would get involved in scleroderma.

How Does Renal Involvement In Scleroderma Develop?

The cause of scleroderma is not yet known, what is known is how it works. Scleroderma happens when a personís immune system attacks its own tissues causing damage or the appearance of scar tissues on the affected area. If the kidneys are involved, the first involvement would be the constriction of blood vessels which are in the kidney. This is followed by scarring of the vessels thus making the surfaces thicker and limiting the functions of the kidney.

As a result of the thickening, blood flow is limited to the kidney. This in turn would cause the release of kidney hormones that could cause blood vessel constriction that could also impair the kidneys. From this point, there could be injury or a permanent dysfunction in some parts of the kidney. This constriction could also increase blood pressure and in worse case, could lead to heart failures.

How Can This Condition Be Managed?

Once scleroderma would develop and would start to affect organs, the damage can go on and on and could spread even further. When the damage is done, little can be done to reverse it. Considering that, it is much easier to prevent it rather than to cure it, that of which would go for all cases of scleroderma. The key for renal involvement in scleroderma is to have it treated as early as possible.

Renal involvement in scleroderma however could only happen to those who have the diffuse type, which is known as systemic sclerosis. If the case of scleroderma is limited or what we call as CREST, it is unlikely that the kidneys will get involved. With medical help, a healthy lifestyle and as well as taking care of yourself as much as you can, these are the best ways to manage a condition of scleroderma affecting the kidneys.

Can This Be Treated?

As of now, there is no known cause of treating scleroderma in general. Treatment is available but it is focused on limiting the damages done by scleroderma as well as treats symptoms rather than completely remove scleroderma from the patient. While that is at hand, you must remember that renal involvement in scleroderma is treatable as well as you follow some guidelines.

The key to having a condition as such cured is early detection, medical help and taking care of oneís self. With the help of a competent doctor along with the patientís responsibility, everything should turn out right when it comes to managing renal involvement in scleroderma.


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