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Managing Life With Scleroderma

Accepting Changes

Having scleroderma would be a very big challenge for you since from that point where you got it, you will really have to change the way you do things. There are a lot of things you could enjoy doing but since you are limited, you will not be able to do as much anymore. The first step in efficiently managing life with scleroderma is for you to accept the changes. You will never be able to handle your life with scleroderma if you don’t accept the changes in the first place.

Try to think of life with scleroderma as the beginning of a new lifestyle and not as a disadvantage. With that, it is important that you keep doing a lot of activities to make life with scleroderma easier for you. It is understood that accepting the changes that will be brought about by scleroderma would be difficult however, you can manage it easily and a lot of people have done that. It is just a matter of accepting your condition and living by it.

Relating With Other People

For people with scleroderma, it would be difficult for them to relate with other people when signs of it would show. Even some people would completely lose interest in getting up close with other people but in most cases, patients of scleroderma would just be a little less sociable. Considering this, you should be extra careful on how you relate with people even when you have scleroderma. You should still be the person everyone else used to know and liked.

It is important that you still keep up your confidence and not make your condition too much of an issue especially when you are relating with people. As long as you are still able to relate, you still can do it. Scleroderma is just an illness and not something that would completely isolate you from the world around you.

Keeping Yourself Healthy

Even when your activities and your movement would considerably be limited, it is still important that you get a healthy dose of physical activity to keep yourself active. Try to put away a few minutes everyday to do enjoyable activities such as gardening, taking a walk around the neighborhood or playing with grandchildren. Scleroderma may limit your movement but it definitely is not enough to keep you from moving around.

People with this condition would make up all sorts of excuses as not to exercise such as “I’m too weak”, “I’m too old” or “I’m too tired”. While it is true that your condition would limit you, it is also factual that regular exercise keeps you healthy, would relieve stress and would help you manage your condition well. Exercise is one of the best things you can actually do to help you get by your condition and live a life that is still enjoyable despite some given disadvantages.

Understanding Your Condition

In order for you to be in control of yourself, you have to fully understand your condition. Take your doctor’s advice seriously and as much as possible, try to take good care of yourself. If you have any vices or any unhealthy or unwholesome activities, you should think about how it could worsen your condition and how it could affect you. You are different from most people, thus you have to take care of yourself more.

Take note that there is a difference between people with people suffering from disease and people living with some disadvantages. With that, try to take a positive point of view and you should be able to be in good control of your condition and yourself.


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